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Stephen Hsu
VP Product Management, MuleSoft


We are excited to showcase our game-changing product for Salesforce admins and non-technical users: MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce.

In this demo, see how the sales ops team at Northern Trail Outfitters is able to automate workflows with out-of-the-box connectors like NetSuite and Salesforce — all with clicks, no code.

Stephen Hsu (00:08):
So you saw our solution for enterprise IT customers, but what about line of business? Especially our commercial and mid-market accounts that don't have IT teams, who want to build simpler application integrations.

Stephen Hsu (00:19):
We are so excited to showcase our new game-changing product for Salesforce admins and non-technical users: MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce.

Stephen Hsu (00:28):
Let's meet Ashley, a Sales Ops Manager at Northern Trail Outfitters, or NTO, a mid-market retail company. Her team needs to build automations and integrations, but they don't have an IT team. In the next demo, we'll see how easy it is for her to unlock data and automate workflows with just a few clicks.

Stephen Hsu (00:45):
NTO's sales teams use Salesforce CPQ, and with it, it's easy to configure price and quote opportunities such as this one. But there's a catch: a rep can't proceed until they get manual verification that everything the customer wants is available. This is because of the relevant product inventory details are in NetSuite. Ashley's tasked with automating this integration, but she's not a NetSuite expert. That's where MuleSoft can help.

Stephen Hsu (01:11):
Ashley goes to MuleSoft Composer, the fastest way to connect her apps and external data into Salesforce. The composer app is embedded right inside her org, and can connect at Salesforce with her favorite apps like Workday, NetSuite, Slack, Tableau, and more.

Stephen Hsu (01:26):
Let's take a look at the flow Ashley's built for this project. Now here's the flow. The logic is really simple. Ashley triggers the flow when an opportunity is updated to the negotiation stage. She then takes each product on the opportunity, finds them a NetSuite, updates the inventory and syncs it back to Salesforce. When it's done, she sends a Slack notification to the sales rep.

Stephen Hsu (01:51):
To build this, Ashley used out-of-the-box connectors to connect to systems and set conditions to trigger actions. And she did this all with clicks, no code.

Stephen Hsu (02:00):
Now remember Ashley, isn't a NetSuite expert, so how did she sync this inventory information? All Ashley had to do was follow the onscreen instruction to select an action, a record she wants to investigate, and to specify when this action should take place. She can even see the output from NetSuite right here and use it to know how to configure the next step. Ashley didn't have to know any NetSuite API calls or transport complex objects. She followed a guided click-through experience to achieve what she needs. This tees her up to complete the magic next step: time to sync the data into Salesforce.

Stephen Hsu (02:38):
And it's the exact same experience. Ashley used the Salesforce and NetSuite connectors, but she could have easily connected to Workday, Tableau or G Sheets, using one of the composer's out of the box connectors. Here, Ashley updates the opportunity product based on the latest inventory from NetSuite. And she adds a final step to notify the team in Slack. And that's it. With a few clicks, Ashley has completed the sync between NetSuite, Salesforce and Slack.

Stephen Hsu (03:08):
Let's try this out on an opportunity. Once the opportunity is in the negotiation phase, the integration is triggered. Looks like some magic is about to happen. And it works! With the inventory data automatically sync from NetSuite, Ashley can see that the quantity is verified and available. Plus, an automated Slack notification was sent to the NTO sales Slack group, notifying the team that the inventory has been reserved. With just a few simple steps, the NTO sales team can proceed without interruption and with confidence.

Stephen Hsu (03:41):
And this is just the beginning. Other departments in NTO like service, HR or marketing can also use Composer to automate integrations.

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