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Parul Schroff
Product Management Senior Manager, MuleSoft


As companies build up their network of APIs, it becomes increasingly complex to consume the data needed for individual projects since each needs data in slightly different ways and likely from several APIs at a time.

In this demo, see how Northern Trail Outfitters developers can receive loyalty, order information, and more from each customer in a single request with Anypoint DataGraph.

Parul Schroff (00:08):
Let's take you through a demo for Anypoint DataGraph, a new offering that allows your developers to consume all the APIs in the organization in a single request. We'll continue this demo with Northern Trail Outfitters or NTO. NTO has started a loyalty program to improve customer retention. They want to give their customers a profile of their loyalty status and benefits on a mobile app. Meet Chris, a developer at NTO. He's assigned this project and he is frustrated. Though the required customer loyalty and order details already exist across existing MuleSoft APIs, Chris knows there's a lot of manual effort involved. He'll spend a significant amount of time writing multiple API requests, parsing through long responses and writing custom logic to isolate the data he needs. There must be a better way. So to get help, Chris goes to Anna, an enterprise architect at NTO. Anna wants to create a faster way for Chris and other developers to consume APIs.

Parul Schroff (01:20):
To start, Anna goes to Anypoint DataGraph. Here, she's presented with a unified schema of various data types and fields from different APIs. Currently, she has customer data from salesforce and order information from a database. All these fields come back to a single end point upon which developers can consume data across all of these APIs in a single request. This is a great start, but Anna knows that Chris needs loyalty details for each customer. She adds the customer loyalty API. All she needs to do is specify the version, asset and URL. If needed, she can also provide authentication. Now, watch this. In a couple of clicks, the capabilities delivered through the customer loyalty API are automatically extracted, all without writing a single line of code. Next, Anna knows that the customer and loyalty types both have a loyalty member ID. Using this relationship, she links these two types together.

Parul Schroff (02:31):
Similarly, Anna has linked customer and order information together. With these links, developers can get loyalty and order information for each customer in a single request. With a few clicks, the graph is automatically generated and ready to share. Think about this. Before DataGraph, Anna had to manage access to each individual API. Their deployments, versioning, runtime upgrades, client contracts, and so much more. Now, she's able to serve data across all of NTO'sAPIs in a single SAAS endpoint without writing a single line of code. Meanwhile, Chris has been working on the mobile app. He needs the relevant customer loyalty and order information. Chris goes to Anypoint DataGraph. He sees the unified schema created by Anna. "This looks promising. Let's run a query." Chris starts to type out his query in the console. All the data from the customer order and loyalty API is available in this one GraphQL endpoint. Chris doesn't have to write request to each API and parse through long responses. He just selects the fields he needs for his project.

Parul Schroff (03:54):
He tests it out and it works. This is exactly what he was looking for. Chris can just copy this one single query and use it in his mobile application code. Now let's see that mobile app. There it is. This is just the beginning. Developers at NTO have reached the next level in delivery speed. It can reuse the graph to surface information on any app even faster. Let's check on our customer. They have the NTO mobile app and they are a platinum member of NTOs loyalty program. Because of this they enjoy free shipping, and they'll get 20% off their next order. All thanks to Anypoint DataGraph, that's a happy customer who will be shopping at NTO for quite a while.

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