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Sue Siao,
Technical Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft


Anypoint Partner Manager is our low-code solution, enabling lines of business to build and deploy B2B integrations with your trading partners through a simplified set of steps.

In this demo, see how Anypoint Partner Manager can create an outbound message flow to receive and transform application messages from your back-end systems and then forward the translated EDI messages to your partners. Watch how a buyer can send EDI purchase orders to a supplier and the supplier can send an EDI 855 purchase order acknowledgment transaction back.

Vijayan Ganapathy (00:00):
I am Vijayan Ganapathy, product manager for Anypoint B2B solutions at MuleSoft. And I will be demonstrating, how Anypoint Partner Manager can help you to quickly configure B2B integrations, and start exchanging business transactions with your trading partner ecosystem. B2B integration sit at the edge of the core enterprise fabric, acting as the channel of interface with external business partners, by handling message standards and protocols through our specific to B2B. Making it a form of experience layer in the API-led connectivity approach. Anypoint Partner Manager is our low-code solution, enabling lines of business to build and deploy B2B integrations with your trading partners, through a simplified set of steps. The use case we are going to look at is a buyer NTO retailers, sending EDI purchase orders to a supplier, Mythical Supplier, and the supplier returning a functional acknowledgement and an 855 purchase order acknowledgement transaction back to NTO retailer.

Vijayan Ganapathy (01:00):
We have NTO and Mythical configured as two different business groups within the Anypoint platform. Implementing the use case requires configuring four message flows. To NTO retailer for the outbound 850 and the inbound 855, and to add Mythical Suppliers organization to receive an inbound 850 and send an outbound 855 transaction.

Vijayan Ganapathy (01:22):
We're now looking at the outbound 850 message flow at NTO Retailer. Which receives excellent payloads from the backend systems through a B2B call, converts the XML into 850, sends the 850 message using these extra large message settings and identifiers, and sends the 850 transaction to Mythical Supplier into their AS2 to service URL. This is the inbound 850 message look at Mythical Supplier's organization, which receives the inbound EDI transactions through AS2, translates the 850 into a JSON structure. And hands-off the JSON message into a downstream processing API to create the order in the backend system. This is the outbound 855 message flow at Mythical Supplier's organization, which receives a JSON message from the backend systems, containing the purchase order, acknowledgement information, translate the JSON message into 855, applies these extra settings and identifiers, and sends the 855 files to NTO Retailer on through AS2 communication. This is the fourth and final message flow for this use case demo, which receives inbound 855 messages through AS2 communication from Mythical Supplier at NTO Retailer. Converts the 855 into XML structure and cause a process EDI to send the XML transition XML purchase order acknowledgement to the backend systems.

Vijayan Ganapathy (02:53):
Now that we have all four message flows deployed and ready to go, let's see them in action. I'm acting as the buyer at NTO Retailers organization and submitting a purchase order to be sent to Mythical Supplier. Then sends the XML payload to Partner Manager. Going into NTO Retailers and outbound 850 messages was sent successfully, from NTO Retailer to Mythical Supplier, through AS2 communication. So we can see the excellent payload that was sent from the backend system, translated 850 transaction that was sent to Mythical Supplier through AS2 communication.

Vijayan Ganapathy (03:39):
And we can also see that the message was the acknowledgement status on the outbound 850 transaction showing as accepted. We see that the 997 was sent back from Mythical Supplier back to NTO retailer confirming the receipt of the outbound 850 message. So we also do see an 855 transaction that came back from Mythical Supplier as an inbound transaction, after the successfully process the order on the backend system. We are now in Mythical Suppliers Partner Manager instance, where we do see an inbound 850 message, that was sent from NTO Retailer. And we also do see an outbound 855 message, that got triggered from the backend system, in the form of a JSON purchase order acknowledgement, that got converted into EDI 855 and sent to NTO retailer back. Back in the NTO Retailers organization, Partner Manager also does allow you to view acknowledgment statuses.

Vijayan Ganapathy (04:47):
If some of your partners have not sent an acknowledgement back in time for your outbound transactions, you can view them in the audio, view in their duty screen. You can also review any transactions that were rejected by your trading partners because of compliance issues and validation failures. You can see some of the review, the nine and seven messages that came in, rejecting the outbound transactions that were sent to your trading partner. You can review and update the street itself, such figures in the time section detailed view. So in summary, we reviewed the Partner Manager's capabilities to translate from and to XML and JSON messages into EDI extra message structures. We also reviewed the track acknowledgment reconciliation process that is built in to Partner Manager, and also we reviewed how Partner Manager helps you to ensure the data that you're exchanging to your trading partners is fully compliant with extra standard specifications. We are happy to announce that the outbound messaging for extra and functional acknowledgment reconciliations will be part of our upcoming Anypoint Partner Manager release. Thank you, and stay tuned for more updates.

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