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MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing: Run-rate business management

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Seema Gokhale,
Senior Manager, Product Management


In any capital-intensive manufacturing organization, complete visibility into long-term sales agreements and account forecasts is critical to the organization’s success. With MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing, you can manage your manufacturing business with confidence. Improve sales accuracy and visibility into future production plans by accessing a complete view of your run-rate business.

Watch this demo to learn how customers and sales teams leverage MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing to achieve:

  • Fast time-to-value and reduction in technical debt from common integrations with SAP
  • Real-time visibility into customer, order, product, and price data in Manufacturing Cloud — directly from the systems of record
  • Complete access to sales agreements and forecasts leading to proactive planning and resource alignment

Seema Gokhale (00:08):
Hi, I'm Seema Gokhale, the Product Manager for the MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing, and today I'll be sharing the run-rate business management use case for the MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing, which unifies data from ERP and product information management systems to Manufacturing Cloud.

Here's our agenda for the presentation. I'll start with an overview of why we built the solution in the first place. Next, I'll explain our solution. This will be followed by the demo of core functionality. Lastly, I'll close with the value proposition for the Accelerator overall for customers and partners, and then lead in with a call to action. So let's dig in.

Meet Jane. In Manufacturing Cloud, sales actually doesn't have a complete view of its committed business. Revenue leakage or revenue lost from under-billing accounts, just because you don't have an accurate record of what they ordered and when is a problem for manufacturing and manufacturing, cloud customers, incomplete or missing data about committed business can also make it very difficult to manage, maintain, and forecast business.

Sometimes data about customers or orders is stored in spreadsheets requiring manual entry to Manufacturing Cloud. This is time-consuming and costly. In fact, according to Oracle, disparate billing and pricing processes leading to revenue leakage can cost a firm as much as 3% to 8% of the firm's income. So what did we do to help solve these problems? We built a solution that allows customers to have a complete view of their business in manufacturing, cloud manufacturing, cloud customers, and sales teams benefit from fast time to value and reduction in technical debt. From common integrations with SAP, they also benefit from real-time visibility into customer order, product, and price data in Manufacturing Cloud. They also benefit from more responsive planning and resource alignment resulting from real-time updates to sales agreements and forecasts. Now let's get into some of the nitty-gritty details.

Here's the API-led diagram for the solution, showing the system process and experience layers built out as part of our solution. The solution allows for a historical bulk update of key objects to Manufacturing Cloud via the bulk load API. Subsequent changes to the systems of record will update real-time to Manufacturing Cloud via a Salesforce channel listener. An MDM will contain the master for product order and customer data, and changes in one system to products, prices, orders, or customers will auto-update in manufacturing, cloud, or SAP S/4HANA, depending upon which system is updated

In the demo. We'll look at creating a customer in SAP S/4HANA and syncing it with Manufacturing Cloud. Next, we'll look at how products and orders in SAP sync to sales agreements in Manufacturing Cloud, enabling customers to create accurate sales forecasts. First, we created a domestic customer in SAP note that the name of the customer is domestic us customer two. This will be important for future parts of the demo.

Then we can see the customer synced to Manufacturing Cloud. The customer360 graph on the right shows IDs for Manufacturing Cloud global ID, and then the customer synced in S/4HANA. And here we have a product. And the product is TG011 in Manufacturing Cloud. You can see on the right here that it's synced between Manufacturing Cloud and pin, and here's the product within SAP as well. Now we're gonna take that product that we just looked at and use it in this sales agreement. This is a proof sales agreement for the product TG011, and here's the account forecast up top, and next, we're gonna create an order with this particular product and see it linked to the sales agreement.

Here's an order that we're creating an SAP with the same customer, same domestic customer, and here's the product ordering two, submitting an SAP. Here is the domestic customer with order 6639 that we just created, and on the right, you can see with the order sync that it's synced between SAP and Manufacturing Cloud. We have IDs for both, and also note that it's linked with the sales agreement that we just created.

To summarize the Accelerator for Manufacturing launched its first use case called run rate business management, that solves problems manufacturers face with revenue leakage and manual entry by unifying data from source systems into Manufacturing Cloud. Our solution can be easily customized for different ERP and product information management solutions or even reused in multiple implementations.

If you're watching this and are interested in learning more about whether Manufacturing Cloud is a good fit for your business, please call the free number listed. If you're already a Manufacturing Cloud customer, go to Exchange and check it out.

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