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Kreena Mehta
Senior Manager - Product Management


Retail execution is a business process designed to ensure that a consumer goods manufacturer's overall brand strategy is executed in retail stores. Put simply, retail execution aims to put the right product on the right shelf at the right time.

With Accelerator for Consumer Goods - Retail Execution use case, we aim at unlocking critical data and integrating Salesforce CG Cloud with Trax image recognition system to help them create a composable enterprise that enables them to create the perfect in-store execution.

Kreena Mehta (00:08):
Innovative retail execution helps with data-driven merchandising, accelerate audits, and build a perfect store strategy. In this demo, let's see how Salesforce consumer good cloud and TraX come together to provide you with best in class retail execution experience. Additionally, we all know that optimizing and building a perfect store requests connected data. In this demo, we will also see how MuleSoft makes it easy to quickly connect apps and data for operational effectiveness faster.

David Smith, field representative at Alpine Group opens the Salesforce mobile app and selects the retail execution tab. Once it's selected, David can see all of his scheduled visits for the day from both a map and a list perspective. When he arrives at the first location, he clicks in to see more information about this visit. This template is customized specifically for the current store and will help David know what tasks are to be conducted at each location based on the store type and the need and as well as he has access to all the required information at his fingertips.

Within store execution, planograms are difficult to deliver on. In addition, manual counting and reporting is tedious and error prone. While David has the option to input data manually, now with TraX, David can simply take the picture of the shelf with the click of a button. He is seamlessly transitioned to the TraX application on his device within milliseconds. During photo capturing, there are several image quality enhancements on the device to assist the user, such as angle and blur detection. To avoid power quality puzzle mode and overlap indicator to capture the whole shelf and many more. As soon as images are collected and uploaded to track access cloud server, every pixel is analyzed and the products are identified against an extensive database of skews. The system checks the placement and the arrangement of items comparing execution to planogram based targets and KPIs.

The perfect store score pops up on the device. Within two minutes, the user can easily drill down to understand the store performance. Also for the missing skews, David has the ability to review products and add out stock reasons. On Salesforce Alpine Group used flow-based tasks to trigger a dynamic Q URL to retracts application and the embedded callback Q R L will bring David back to the Salesforce mobile app once the TrackX visit is complete. TraX transforms shelf data into matrix for monitoring performance intelligence for beating competitors, and MuleSoft helps integrate these metrics into Salesforce objects to get inspiring strategy insights Mary, who is the sales manager at Alpine Group, can visualize these matrix in reports and dashboards by logging into her Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud app. Mary can visualize key performance indicators or KPIs, such as on-shelf availability, out of stock items, and perfect store score at their stores over time and across their territory.

In this example, we can see that she can get insights on all the KPIs that calculate a perfect store score for Alpine groups. Factors impacting this score can be customized in Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud to enable every CG company to define the perfect store for them. Additionally, Mary can also understand the linear share of shelf space of Alpine products. These detailed reports reveal how categories, brands, and SKUs are trending over time and in different regions, allowing Mary to make informed big picture decisions. We just saw that in-store journey for David and back office business processes for Mary was seamless on TraX and Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.

Let us now take a look under the hood to see how Rachel, who is the integration developer at Alpine Group, leverages MuleSoft to integrate data from different systems and automate processes to make retail execution seamless. Rachel leverages MuleSoft Accelerator for Consumer Goods assets to unlock critical product and store data from PIM and ERP systems using prebuilt system APIs. Once these data sets are unlocked, she uses product process, API and accounts process API along with MDM system API to integrate this data with Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud. Not only that, she can reuse the same process APIs to integrate the data sets with TracX.

Next, she uses the TraX system API containing TraX connector to fetch the KPIs and uses the store audit process API on MuleSoft Accelerator to send this data to Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud. MuleSoft helps transform data in the required data model for each end system and empowers IT teams to scale and automate processes faster than ever before. By reusing APIs, by leveraging pre-built assets on MuleSoft, Rachel could easily integrate, customize, and sync data across ERP, PIM, Salesforce Consumer Goods, Cloud, and TraX. This enables Alpine Group to show correct and realtime data to David who is in the store, and Mary who is analyzing retail execution business reports located at Alpine headquarters.

With MuleSoft, you can bring in internal backend data along with track's image recognition data into Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud securely to help you identify which retail stores need the most attention and enable better tracking to plan and improve your inventory visibility. With MuleSoft, Salesforce and TraX together, we enable you to meet the challenges associated with creating the connected experience needed to drive digital transformation, which means transformation across your entire organization. We enable you to deliver integrations on a platform you trust. Thank you.

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