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Adopt Anypoint Platform for B2B integration

Accelerate partner onboarding

Decrease time to market by reusing APIs and partner onboarding templates

Simplify partner management

Get end-to-end visibility across all B2B transactions and backend integrations with a single platform

Create a future-proof architecture

Build flexible B2B integrations using a single platform for on-premises and cloud deployments

Accelerate the technical partner onboarding process

Use a wizard-based interface to quickly create and manage partner profiles with Anypoint Partner Manager. Build and store reusable partner templates to accelerate onboarding. Detect errors during onboarding to improve operational efficiency. Leverage DataWeave to rapidly transform EDI messages to connect to backend systems and cloud applications.

Expedite the technical partner onboarding processimage
Benefit 2 B2B EDI image

Gain end-to-end visibility across B2B and backend integrations

Provide real-time visibility into dependencies, application performance, logs, and business operations metrics. Manage and monitor performance to ensure transactions are compliant with partner performance SLAs.

Accommodate evolving partner requirements

Use Anypoint Partner Manager to meet changing partner needs by supporting EDIs and APIs all on one platform. Send and receive data using B2B EDI specific formats, such as X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, Rosettanet, as well as standard transport protocols, including AS2, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP/S.

Accommodate evolving partner requirements image

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