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Adopt Anypoint Platform for microservices

Build secure microservices

Use our flexible runtime with a built-in microgateway to easily implement microservices

Manage all microservices centrally

Observe and optimize distributed microservices architectures — all in one place

Maximize adoption

Increase microservices discoverability and empower teams to reuse them to develop faster

Implement microservices with ease

Build microservices with Mule runtime engine and leverage built-in API gateway capabilities to bring advanced API management and quality of service capabilities to microservices architectures.

Scale microservices architectures

Deploy all of your microservices and APIs into Anypoint Runtime Fabric, a container service for Mule runtimes leveraging Kubernetes. Automatically reap the benefits of microservices architectures — including application isolation, scaling, and automated failover.

Implement microservices with ease screencap
Bring all your microservices together screencap

Bring all your microservices together

Automatically discover any microservice deployed to Kubernetes — such as Spring Boot, Node.js, and more — with Anypoint Service Mesh. Then, gain visibility into your entire microservices architecture in one place. 

Manage and secure microservices in one control plane

Apply policies, security, and analytics directly within Anypoint Platform. Use Istio and Envoy to implement mTLS for zero-trust and ensure high availability with traffic control policies.

Increase microservices reuse

Reuse microservices to accelerate the delivery of new projects and apps. Secure access to microservices with policies for authentication and authorization. 

Increase microservices reuse screencap

“Our microservices architecture powering IQVIA Lexi spans multiple environments across the globe, including Mule apps running on CloudHub and our own Kubernetes cluster running on AWS. We’re excited to bring those investments together with Anypoint Service Mesh and discover, manage, and secure all of our microservices from one place.”

Ömer Tosun
Director of Integration Architecture, IQVIA

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