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Salesforce and SAP Account Aggregation

Salesforce and SAP Account Aggregation

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This template aggregates (collects) accounts from Salesforce and customers from SAP into a CSV file. This basic pattern can be modified to collect from more or different sources and to produce formats other than CSV. The application can be triggered either manually or programmatically by an HTTP call. Accounts are sorted such that the accounts only in Salesforce appear first, followed by customers only in SAP, and lastly by accounts found in both systems. The custom sort or merge logic can be easily modified to present the data as needed. This template also serves as a great base for building APIs using the Anypoint Platform.

Aggregation templates can be easily extended to return a multitude of data in mobile friendly form to power your mobile initiatives by providing easily consumable data structures from otherwise complex backend systems.


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MuleSoft Organization
Published onAug 7, 2018


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