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Database to Database Account Migration

Database to Database Account Migration

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Migrate a large set of accounts from one database instance to another. This application leverages the Batch Module. This batch job is divided into the Input, Process, and On Complete stages.


During the Input stage the Template selects all existing Accounts that match the filtering criteria from Database A.


The last step of the Process stage creates and updates the accounts in Database B. In addition, the application also performs a lookup and assigns account representatives based on the zip code of the source Account.

On Complete

The Template shows the statistics of the data migration in the Studio console and sends a notification email with the results of the batch execution.

Read through the Documentation to learn how to run this application.

Integration Tests

The latest version includes MUnit Integrations tests that are packaged in the project folder. You can leverage these tests to better understand best practices in testing Mule flows using the built-in features in Anypoint Platform.


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Created by
MuleSoft Organization
Published onJul 28, 2017


VersionRuntime version