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Account System API - SAP Implementation Template

Account System API - SAP Implementation Template

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This template provides a foundation for designing an Account System API. It provides a means of hiding the complexity of the SAP APIs from a user while exposing data in a canonical format. The template abstracts customer account data from SAP into canonical objects that are defined within a CRM System API. This API uses JSON as an exchange format and translates calls into the semantic data structure required by SAP. The CRM System API supports the following operations:

  • GET/accounts
  • POST/accounts
  • GET/account/{id}
  • PUT/accounts/{id}
  • DELETE/accounts/{id}

CRM System API provides a uniform set of interactive API documentation that you can use to access the above resources.

About API Templates

API templates exemplify three layered API led approaches by illustrating System, Process and Experience APIs. These APIs enable agility and reuse via a set of API elements that do not require domain knowledge and can used by developers who look into accessing the same data. This particular template is an example of a System API.

System APIs
System APIs hide complexity of underlying system of records from a user while exposing data (often in a canonical format) and providing downstream insulation from any interface changes or rationalization of those systems.

Process APIs
Process APIs encapsulate the underlying business processes that interact with source and target systems or channels via a set of System APIs.

Experience APIs
Experience APIs are the means by which data can be reconfigured so that it is most easily consumed by its intended audience, all from a common data source, rather than setting up separate point-to-point integrations for each channel.


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Published onJun 22, 2017


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