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Microsoft SharePoint Online Connector

Microsoft SharePoint Online Connector

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Extend the enterprise by enabling collaboration across departments with the MuleSoft Anypoint SharePoint Online connector. The Microsoft SharePoint Online connector provides instant connectivity to the SharePoint Online API, empowering developers to easily create extensions and custom solutions from within the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.

By creating connectivity to SharePoint, developers can accomplish many SharePoint tasks, such as creating flows to query, create, and update information in SharePoint, without actually having to deal directly with the SharePoint Online API. Moreover, businesses can integrate applications such as Access, Outlook, MS Dynamics, Cognos, Yammer, and SAP to streamline processes and enable seamless communication, allowing your business to get connected and deliver integration rapidly.

Sharepoint Online Connector v1.0.0 supports

  1. Various authentications
    • Microsoft Online (Office 365)
    • Microsoft Online (Office 365) with Security Token
    • Microsoft Online (Office 365) with Okta
  2. Operations
    • Lists and List Items API: Create, delete, retrieve, update lists, and list items.
    • Files and Folders API:
      • Files: Add, retrieve content, retrieve metadata, delete, check out, undo check out, check in, publish, unpublish, approve, deny, recycle, and copy files.
      • Folders: Create, delete, and retrieve folders.


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MuleSoft Organization
Published On
Sep 11, 2017


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