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AMQP Connector - Mule 3

AMQP Connector - Mule 3

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Important: AMQP Version 3.7.2 and later were created to support Exchange 2.0. Uninstall the connector if you have a previous version in Anypoint Studio, and install this connector from Exchange 2.0.

Create connectivity and enable seamless interoperability between messaging services with the Anypoint AMQP connector from MuleSoft.

Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) is an open protocol application layer protocol for messaging that directs behavior of messaging providers and clients, enabling the passing of messages between applications and organizations. The Anypoint AMQP connector makes communication with third party applications and systems easier via Anypoint Studio with message orientation, queuing, routing, and reliability. This connector simplifies security as it provides a simple way to interface with the AMQP API.

The AMQP connector simplifies batch creation and real-time clustered messaging processing agents, allows for logging of application activity, connects trading partners and more. With support for all AMQP messaging properties, users can connect through channels using AMQP to quickly and easily connect with brokers to send, receive, and publish messages. Moreover, the Anypoint AMQP connector is part of a library of prebuilt connectors within the Anypoint Platform, allowing you to develop integrations faster, so you can focus on your core business.


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This connector currently supports the AMQP v0.9 protocol.


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Published onFeb 19, 2018


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