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Salesforce Analytics Connector

Salesforce Analytics Connector

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Broaden the Salesforce Analytics experience by connecting to third party applications and services by using the Salesforce Analytics Cloud Connector from MuleSoft. This connector enables connectivity to the Salesforce Analytics Cloud by leveraging the Salesforce external data API.

Benefits of MuleSoft's Salesforce Analytics Cloud Connector

Salesforce’s Wave Analytics Platform is a data discovery tool built to enable organizations to derive insights from their data. But when you take these scenarios into consideration, loading data into the Wave Analytics platform can seem to be a challenging task:

  • Data trapped in on-premise databases or back office ERP systems

  • The need for data cleansing and data mashup from disparate sources

  • The need for event-based triggering or scheduling of uploads

With an event-driven architecture, built-in functionality for batch processing and out-of-the-box connectors that help you integrate with different data sources, you can do all of this and much more with Anypoint Platform and MuleSoft’s Salesforce Analytics Cloud Connector.


  • Read through the Blog Post to understand how the connector leverages the External Data API to load data into the Wave Analytics Platform.

  • Read the Connector Guide to understand how to set up and configure a basic integration flow using the connector.

  • Read through the Technical Reference to understand how the connector operations tie in with the External Data API calls. You also can find demo applications there that illustrate how to use the connector operations using a static data set.

  • Release Notes are a good way to track feature additions, compatibility limitations and API version updates with each release of the connector version.


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Created By
MuleSoft Organization
Published On
Jan 12, 2018


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