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Box Connector - Mule 3

Box Connector - Mule 3

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Customize and integrate applications and websites with Box via the Anypoint Box connector from MuleSoft. Interfacing with the Box API via the Anypoint Box connector gives businesses the power to perform functions, collaborate, and share files securely.

The secure cloud-based content sharing service allows users to create, manage, and retrieve documents and collaborate throughout the enterprise. Moreover, the Box connector makes it simple to integrate Box with enterprise content management (ECM) applications (such as Sharepoint) for large file management, as well as utilize Box as a collaborative extension of other content management systems (CMS).

The Anypoint Box connector lets you build custom interfaces and workflows and access event stream data. The Anypoint Box connector from MuleSoft gives businesses access to Box web app features and allows users to extend those features for use in company apps. The MuleSoft Anypoint™ Platform enables integration of such features to extend the capabilities of Box, making it all the more accessible to everyone throughout the enterprise.

Note: Box Connector v3.2.0 uses on Box Java SDK v2.20.1 in order to address TLS v1.0 deprecation.


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Published onJun 22, 2018


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