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Filtering a Message

Filtering a Message

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Learn how to use filter components to filter an incoming message.

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This example shows how to use filter components within Anypoint Studio to filter an incoming message.

Example Use Case

This example application receives the order in JSON format for filtering. It employs And, Message property, Payload and Custom filters to validate some order properties. The Message property filter filters out messages based on whether they are HTTP POSTs or not while the Payload filter filters messages that are of the data type: ContentLengthInputStream. The AND filter combines the Message Property filter and the Payload filter and allows only those messages that satisfy both the conditions to pass by. The Custom filter uses a JAVA class to filter order messages that meet a specific criteria.

Set Up and Run the Example

Complete the following procedure to create, then run this example in your own instance of Anypoint Studio. Skip ahead to the next section if you prefer to simply examine this example.

1.Create the example application in Anypoint Studio and run it as Mule Application.
1. Send a POST request with the following JSON in the body to http:/localhost:8081.

     "purchases": 2000,
     "months": 12,
     "membership": "free"
  1. Examine the response body to see that a customer was granted a discount.

     the discount was granted.


Read full documentation in GitHub

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Published onJun 22, 2017


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