Web Service Consumer Connector

Web Service Consumer Connector


The Web Service Consumer connector configures a connection to a SOAP service using a WSDL file.

This connector consists of a configuration that returns instances of connections based on a WSDL definition, returns a specific service and port and, optionally, the service address (we take the one bound in the binding as default). Using the information contained in a service’s WSDL, this connector pre-configures most of the information you need to establish the connection you need to consume a service from within your Mule application. You need only specify the location of the Web service’s WSDL file, and the host, port, address to access the WSDL.

The connector is based on Apache CXF, which handles all the SOAP message parsing and building.

Note: This connector module only works with Mule 4 and Studio 7.



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Aug 12, 2017