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SFTP Connector - Mule 4

SFTP Connector - Mule 4

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The SFTP connector operations can handle file transfers over the SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) protocol.

Note: This connector module only works with Mule 4 and Studio 7.

SFTP Operations

  • Copy - Copies the file from a source path to a target path.
  • Create Directory - Creates a new directory at a given directory path.
  • Delete - Deletes a file at a given path, provided that it is not locked.
  • List - Lists all files in a given directory path that match a specified matcher, such as file name patterns, dates, locations, and sizes.
  • Move - Moves a file from a given source path to a target path.
  • Read - Reads the file in a given path, sets its content in the payload, and sets its attributes.
  • Rename - Provides a new file name for the a file at a given path.
  • Write - Writes content to a file. It can also map data and perform transformations similar to the Transform component.


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Published onJul 20, 2018


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