Mule ESB Enterprise

Reliability, performance, scalability, security – all out-of-the box.

Hardened with thousands of automated tests and bug fixes Community Enterprise
Leading Open Source ESB Yes Yes
Access to source code Yes Yes
Hardened code line   Yes
Back-ported bug fixes   Yes
Bullet-proof security for your end points and data Community Enterprise
Anypoint Enterprise Security   Yes
Role based access control   Yes
High availability ensures zero message loss reliability Community Enterprise
Self-healing connections Yes Yes
High Availability*   Yes
Caching   Yes
Deep Visibility removes the guesswork from managing performance Community Enterprise
Visual Debugging   Yes
Root cause analysis   Yes
Bottleneck detection   Yes
Performance monitoring   Yes
Operational control From a central web-based console Community Enterprise
Deployment management   Yes
Runtime performance management   Yes
Operational dashboard   Yes
Out-of-the-box connectivity to over 120 leading SaaS and on-premise applications Community Enterprise
Community Connectors Yes Yes
Enterprise Connectors   Yes
Enterprise Gateway for SAP**   Yes
Graphical data integration takes the custom code out of data mapping and transformation Community Enterprise
Anypoint Studio Yes Yes
Anypoint Studio DataMapper   Yes
Award-winning support and an industry-leading 96% customer satisfaction rate Community Enterprise
Community forums Yes Yes
24/7 global support   Yes
Online knowledge base   Yes
Service packs & hot patches   Yes

* Available only with Platinum subscription
** Available as a separate product