Your challenge MuleSoft's Solution
Deliver new e-commerce and mobile commerce applications
  • Quickly integrate new applications with key back-end infrastructure
  • Build applications with minimal developer retraining
Integrate with external applications (e.g. fulfillment, e-commerce partners, etc.)
  • Separate business logic from protocol mediation
  • Deliver partner integrations in a fraction of the time
Architect the flexibility to ease future changes to order processing applications
  • Utilize loose coupling to make future changes substantially easier to implement
  • Plan for the adoption of future SaaS and cloud applications before they are adopted
Maintain bulletproof reliability for all your applications
  • Build a fully reliable infrastructure complete with high-availability clustering and transactional reliability capabilities
  • Gain deep insight into potential problems before they impact service
Reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure
  • Reduce maintenance costs for complex e-commerce applications
  • Eliminate expensive to implement SOA "stacks"