Your challenge MuleSoft's Solution
Improve constituent services
  • Deliver innovative e-government solutions via the web or mobile devices
  • Harmonize systems from different departments or functional units to improve efficiency
Deliver your projects ahead of schedule
  • Build applications in a fraction of the time
  • Roll out projects with less up front investment and fewer resources
Insulate yourself from shifting budgets
  • Adopt a phased approach to major initiatives easily aligned to budgetary cycles and variable funding levels
Reduce departmental costs without impacting deliverables
  • Eliminate the high costs of point-to-point code
  • Avoid high-risk multi-year SOA stack rollout projects
Comply with open source initiatives and mandates without exposing your department to risk
  • Utilize a battle-tested, enterprise-grade product with over 3,200 production deployments
  • Experience industry leading support with over 96% customer satisfaction