Leverage real-time business process automation

Did you know integration transactions now represent more than half of all the traffic salesforce.com supports each day? Using CloudHub you can easily integrate Salesforce.com with 3rd party ERP and Finance applications in real-time, and automate business processes across applications such as SAP, NetSuite, Zuora and many more.


Quickly import, export and delete data in Salesforce.com

Moving data to and from Salesforce no longer has to be a chore. Quickly import, export and delete an unlimited amount of data. Dataloader.io is simple, free, and 100% web-based, absolutely no software required. Get Started


Stop waiting for data. Connect to Salesforce in real-time

Streaming API’s provide real-time processing of data, allowing third party applications to remain up to date without wasting resources. MuleSoft is one of the first companies to support the Salesforce Streaming API, and has enabled its use in diverse environments. Learn how to leverage the streaming API capabilities with our prebuilt Salesforce.com integration connector today. Learn More


Featured Enterprise Application: SAP Integration

If you or your client has invested in Salesforce.com, chances are you are looking for ways to connect to existing systems of record. MuleSoft has developed connectivity solutions to help simplify and expedite integration projects with SAP. Using the MuleSoft Enterprise Gateway for SAP you can synchronize data between SAP and Salesforce in real-time reducing redundant and error prone data entry. Learn More