Connecting the New Enterprise

The new competitive advantage: connecting the explosion of applications, data sources and APIs

The era of the New Enterprise is here and there’s no turning back. Businesses can no longer compete with only the assets, talent and technology within their four walls. Yet their most precious assets – their business processes and data – are fragmented across siloed partner, supplier, customer and employee ecosystems."

The smartest enterprises are transforming this fragmentation into strength by connecting today’s explosion of applications, data, partners and customers into a single, high performing entity. These “New Enterprise” organizations are the disruptors in a new economic world order, and MuleSoft delivers the platform that makes it possible.

Connect or die. Connect to win.

The mega-trends of SaaS, mobile and Big Data are converging to create a massive new wave of business opportunity. Organizations are each choosing a uniquely diverse and ever-growing set of best-of-breed applications to power their business. However, a new challenge has emerged as a result: a massive explosion of endpoints and data. In this New Enterprise era, businesses can be overwhelmed by the resulting explosion of endpoints, or they can seize the opportunity and gain competitive advantage by connecting everything. The solution is integration.

For the New Enterprise, integration equates with competitive advantage

Not confined within its walls, the New Enterprise leverages the best of its partners, customers and technology assets—whether on-premises software, cloud-based, or devices brought from home by employees. The New Enterprise combines these assets to deliver the most innovative products, the most efficient operations and the most frictionless customer experience possible.

Stop customizing, start configuring

The world is moving at lightning speed from legacy enterprise software to SaaS and cloud applications, compelled by the power of configuration over customization and the promise of agility and operational efficiency. Businesses are no longer implementing monolithic ERP or CRM suites, but they are subscribing to best of breed point solutions, such as Intacct for accounting, Zuora for billing, Marketo for marketing automation, Concur for expense management and so on.
So, how do you gain an advantage when you are using the same SaaS applications as hundreds or thousands of other companies? It’s actually simple: the advantage lies in the unique combination of the point solutions you select plus the integration logic between them.

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Enterprise is the new SaaS, and open APIs are the catalyst

For the New Enterprise, the line is blurring between being providers of goods and services and being providers of information. The winners in traditional brick-and-mortar industries are increasingly determined by the quality of, and access to, their real-time data. Channels and partner ecosystems are won and lost based on how easily they can access key data and be integrated with core business process.

Consider a passenger airline. Not many can survive without opening their reservations, ticketing, seating charts, flight status updates and other vital systems to online and mobile travel sites. The data needs to be instantly available and updated in real-time, across thousands of online properties and hundreds of millions of passengers."

Or, a healthcare company that has embraced the New Enterprise way. Regulation and market pressures are helping to prioritize outcomes over procedures, prevention over treatments.

The winning strategies in this new environment will be the companies that can aggregate data from their patients’ electronic medical records, personal health devices and other telemetrics, delivering intensely personalized wellness recommendations to their millions of patients on their personal devices.

The core technology trend enabling this shift is the open API, which enables organizations to provide its ecosystem with standardized access to data and application functionality previously only available internally. In this sense, the New Enterprise is an enterprise turned “inside out,” and the critical path to success is as much about software as it is about products and services.

Of course, this new model comes with challenges of its own. It means learning how to repurpose legacy IT applications as modern APIs. It means developing strategies around publishing, managing, securing and marketing those APIs. In other words, the line between New Enterprise and SaaS provider is starting to blur.

MuleSoft: the pain-free platform for becoming a New Enterprise

Point-to-point custom integration is an age-old problem that is only getting worse. With every new connection, you need to learn the interface or API, map and transform data, create custom integration logic, add security, control, and error handling, and perform proper testing and debugging. Worse, this approach creates long-lasting pain, with no visibility into the integrations themselves and little control over performance.

The infrastructure becomes fragile over time, and the enterprise becomes brittle and loses agility."

MuleSoft is solving the connectivity problem, helping organizations to connect and automate their business processes across applications and data sources, all powered by MuleSoft's trusted integration platform. At the core is MuleSoft’s Anypoint™ technology, which provides instant connectivity to hundreds of on-premises and cloud-based applications and systems.

MuleSoft addresses all of the pains around connecting the New Enterprise:

  • Unified integration platform - with a single development experience and unified runtime enabling seamless integration and portability across the continuum of on-premises and cloud
  • Instant connectivity to hundreds of applications - hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors, spanning from legacy applications, SaaS, social, and mobile
  • Next generation service and API management - the only complete end-to-end platform for publishing and managing services and APIs, both private and open

No matter how far you are along the path to the cloud, MuleSoft can eliminate the pain of integration and help your business realize the full potential and promise of being a New Enterprise.

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