Anypoint Service Registry makes it easy to catalogue and discover services, manage them throughout their lifecycle, monitor their performance, and enforce standards, policies, and contracts. So you can focus on delivering new capability to the business, not playing service librarian or policy cop.


Complete visibility into your service ecosystem to deliver on the promise of SOA

  • Promote reuse and prevent service duplication with accurate view of all available services.
  • Services are discoverable so developers can assess which services are available, how they work, how they can be accessed, and who’s authorized to use them.
  • Understand who’s consuming your services and assess the impact of change before deployment.
  • Quickly assess performance against SLAs and operational metrics.

Location transparency for flexibility and agility

  • Service virtualization provides a level of abstraction between services and consumers, shielding consumers from service changes.
  • Seamlessly move services between cloud and on-premise environments without impacting consumers.

Consistent enforcement of policies and contracts to ensure compliance

  • Leverage a comprehensive set of policies to secure services, control access, and enforce standards and contracts.
  • Define and enforce contracts between producers and consumers to ensure adherence to SLAs.

Granular control over service lifecycle to mitigate risk and reduce downtime

  • A single point of management for on-premise and cloud-based services throughout their lifecycle.
  • Multiple versions can be created and managed across disparate environments from development through production.
  • All changes are logged for complete auditability and traceability.