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Getting started with the DataWeave Playground

The DataWeave playground enables developers to create mock data transformations in their web browser based on an input payload. There is also a tutorial section of the DataWeave playground that covers different DataWeave examples with interactive exercises to help you master the language. It's really easy to get started, just click the button below to start using the DataWeave playground.

Visit the DataWeave Playground
Learn more about DataWeave

Once you navigate to the DataWeave Playground, make sure that you click on the tutorial section on the top right of the screen to follow step-by-step tutorials on an introduction to the DataWeave language. 


We hope that you find the DataWeave playground to be a useful resource on your MuleSoft development journey. As a disclaimer, please keep in mind that the DataWeave Playground is not an officially supported MuleSoft Product and is not covered by MuleSoft Support, so you won't be able to open MuleSoft Support cases for this Suite and there are no SLAs for responses nor bug/features progress. If you are interested in contributing you can submit your pull requests on GitHub.

To continue learning about DataWeave, please read our What is DataWeave tutorials by clicking the link. Thanks for reading.

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