Introducing Mule

This free online course covers Mule fundamentals and provides an effective starting point for more in-depth training in the classroom or online. The objective of the course is to provide enterprise architects, developers, and anyone else who wants to learn about Mule ESB a straight-forward, comprehensive, low-tech introduction. The course walks students through basic Mule concepts, and concludes with a common integration scenario: building a content-based routing application using Anypoint Studio.

Mule ESB fundamental training

Course contents:

Mule Fundamentals

  • Intro

  • Mule apps

  • Messages

  • Building blocks

  • Flows

  • Scenario

  • Endpoints

  • Expression Filters

  • Transformers

  • Choice routers

  • Payloads

  • Loggers

  • Further use-cases for content-based routing

Studio Demo

  • Creating a new project

  • Creating the flow

  • Configuring elements

  • Mule Expression language

  • Testing the app

  • Console

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