Administration console for Tomcat

Developers and administrators working with Tomcat need an easy way to manage and monitor all of their server instances. Tcat's administration console provides a centralized way to view and manage your Tomcat instances, including discovery of installed servers and creation of logical server groups.  The administration console is the entry point for Tcat's application provisioning capabilities, deep performance monitoring and diagnostics of your Tomcat applications, for managing configuration of Tomcat instances and for remote control of these instances. Widely acknowledged as the easiest product to use, the administration console's browser-based interface was designed with the user in mind, providing the simplest way for both developers and administrators to automate and streamline frequently performed tasks, eliminating tedious and repetitive manual work as well as minimizing errors.

Benefits of using the Tcat administration console:

  • Gain visibility into your runtime environment
    View all of your Tomcat instances to gain visibility into your application runtime environment
  • Control applications remotely
    Start and stop applications running on remote Apache Tomcat instances from the console without logging into each server
  • Centrally manage applications and versions
    Upload applications to Tcat's built-in repository, as well as track/manage application versions
  • Audit server activity and diagnose problems
    Review Tcat's activity logs that show detailed activity history, including application deployment and server group changes
  • Ensure security and access control
    Set up users and assign access rights using Tcat's simple and proven security model