Streamline and scale lending operations with AI and API-led integration

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Srini Rangaswamy
Principal Platform Solution Engineer, MuleSoft


Today’s lenders face immense pressure from surging mortgage demand, massive small business relief programs, and razor-thin margins. Find out how APIs can help lenders by streamlining costly processes and accelerating the delivery of connected borrower experiences.

This demo focuses on how lenders can scale the loan origination process from document upload, to loan review, to underwriting with out-of-the-box connectors for a seamless integration.

The digital mindset to me is actually having a mindset of continuous test and learn.

It's not about the destination, it's about a journey where you can't really say, if you think about the rate to which technology is changing, it's really

difficult to say what new technologies and what impacts we'll see in 18 months time.

So it's about having the ability to continuously adapt to the changing marketplaces.

And I think that's a very different mindset to one which might say, "I'm going to start here, or I'm going to end there".

The point is, you can't have that mindset anymore.

You have to have that continuous evolution mindset.

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I'm excited to be joined by Cliff Evans, who serves as Capgemini's Head of Digital for Banking and Capital Markets.

We're incredibly grateful to have Cliff here with us today.

For over 30 years, he's been advising business and technology leaders on how to address new customer expectations and the business models required to support

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With that, I'm pleased to welcome Cliff to the show. [00:01:24.700] Cliff, welcome to CIOs Unfiltered.

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