Unleash the power of your data with intelligence and automation to deliver personalized messaging through a beautiful app-like experience. Wrap is the Mobile Engagement & Messaging Platform that supercharges marketing, sales & service in a variety of verticals including telecom, retail, commerce, media and banking. The Anypoint Wrap Connector connects all of your data sources to our platform to automate and personalize mobile user experiences that deepen customer relationships, improve loyalty, and drive commerce. We are the rich mobile experience layer for your data and business processes.
Connect to Wrap's APIs (https://developers.wrap.co/) from within the Anypoint Platform to instantly create, edit, personalize, and share wraps based on CRM, ERP, marketing automation, mobile apps, and more. Try our demo - select a phone, select a data plan, and send yourself a personalized data-bound wrap:



Company overview

Wrap is the most powerful mobile engagement technology to deepen relationships, improve loyalty, and drive commerce. -Turns data into app-like user experiences that are consumed in the span of a message. -Crosses the "Last Mile" to put personalized narrative in the palm of your hand. -Delivers via SMS, email, and more as a web link. -Offers full automation and personalization through APIs. -Gives businesses an iOS or android alternative for the mobile web.


Telco & Media


Business Applications