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WhiteSky Labs

WhiteSky Labs’ consulting team spearheads their clients' business and technology strategy, and then pragmatically iterate through the design and implementation of API-driven technology solutions underpinned by MuleSoft technology, the global leader in the API-driven economy.

With a MuleSoft Center of Excellence in the Philippines, their mission is to lead customers to success with their cloud and digital integration strategy by providing unrivalled API & integration platform solutions. Their consultants are 100% MuleSoft Certified and can deliver onshore-offshore services as required. WhiteSky Labs works closely with technical and business decision makers to help companies define their API strategy to create new revenue streams, monetise existing assets and drive operational efficiency.

They developed bespoke Anypoint Connectors to support customers with unique requirements or specialist software, as well as developing commercially available connectors for leading industry tooling. The Splunk Enterprise Connector and Stripe Connector are both part of their portfolio and available to download.

Company overview

WhiteSky Labs is a highly specialised consultancy that enables companies to grow and operate more effectively with greater agility in the digital economy. They drive greater value from their clients’ significant investment in existing business IT capabilities to better connect and automate back offices and extended business operations, whilst enabling new digitally fuelled revenue streams. They are a professional full-service company that assists customers at all stages of their API & data integration journey including: license reselling, enterprise integration strategy consulting, architecture and design, implementation and support.


Financial services
Media and telecom


APAC Practice Development Partner of the Year

Certified delivery resource

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We were able to get up and running on Anypoint Platform quickly, thanks to MuleSoft’s partner, WhiteSky Labs, and the built-in connectors and policies offered by the platform. Because we were creating the new platform from scratch, the process involved integrating a large number of different components. These included connections with external systems that provide information such as property valuations, customer borrowing ability and credit checks.

Anthony Baum

Mynt is committed to driving innovation in the payments and financial services space. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and WhiteSky Labs’ integration team played an essential role in our successful project delivery, and together we have achieved great outcomes.

Greg Igaya

Providing a fast, secure and stable environment for our clients and customers is essential, and that’s why we’ve partnered with WhiteSky Labs to streamline our MuleSoft connectivity journey. With their MuleSoft expertise and cost-effective delivery model, we are confident to achieve results with our investment.

Mehdi Fassaie