MuleSoft Implementation experts with specialization on Integration, Middleware, API, SOA, and Enterprise Service Bus.


Visual Integrator Consulting

We provide Services on:

  • MuleSoft Implementation Services
  • MuleSoft Managed Services
  • MuleSoft B2B and EDI Framework
  • MuleSoft Governance, Roadmap, Center of Excellence
  • MuleSoft Architecture and Advisory Services
  • MuleSoft Off-Shore
  • MuleSoft Staffing
  • API Boot Camp and Readiness


Visual Integrator is a specialty Middleware and MuleSoft implementation firm. Their heritage and focus is Middleware, API, SOA, and Integration since their inception. Founded in 2003 (but with Integration experience pre-dating 2003) as a Women-Owned, Minority-Owned Business, Visual Integrator has implemented over 150 projects for Integration customers and has built a reputation for their Sr.-level expertise in the Integration Industry.

Visual Integrator performs full system lifecycle MuleSoft implementations for customers, leveraging our leading and rapid integration methodology: SOAToday. SOAToday aligns with the MuleSoft Professional Service methodologies (such as RapidStart and other services). Visual Integrator can implement functional and technical Use Cases and User Stories for MuleSoft customers.

MuleSoft Managed Services: With a proven 80% ROI for MuleSoft customers, Visual Integrator helps MuleSoft customers manage the Operations, Sustainment, and Day-to-Day Management of MuleSoft Applications, Environments, and Platforms across any infrastructure. This offering is for CloudHub or On Premise, and includes B2B/EDI customers too. We can manage the Middleware just like your DBA manages your database. Contact us for presentation and discussion. We have pre-built Managed plans that incorporate Coverage, Peak vs. Off-Peak, Sr. Engineer, Root Cause Analysis, and Daily Sustainment.

MuleSoft B2B Framework: Building on MuleSoft EDI products, Visual Integrator has built a robust and enterprise level B2B/EDI Framework that includes visual EDI Dashboards for managing B2B Transactions and Processes, process and flows for rapid and re-usable EDI mapping, and rapid Trading Partner On-boarding. With proven success, we can onboard your B2B/EDI documents and Trading Partners in weeks, not months!

MuleSoft Governance, Center of Excellence, or Roadmaps: Leveraging their leading pre-built MuleSoft Integration COE and Roadmap Toolkit, Visual Integrator helps MuleSoft customers built enterprise Roadmaps, Centers of Excellence, Adoption approaches, and alignment to their SDLC’s. With over 150 pre-built Road Map items, ask for a demo of our pre-built toolkit today!

MuleSoft Architecture and Advisory Services: Designed for customers with slower adoption paths, who don’t have immediate outsourcing needs, Visual Integrator can provide Advisory Services to help customers with MuleSoft Quality Control, Oversight, Mentoring, and other Senior level tasks that will help ensure customer Integration success. Contact us today for a Read-In so we can review what Advisory Tasks will provide the most value for your MuleSoft environment.

MuleSoft Off-Shore: Visual Integrator can provide MuleSoft Off-Shore services to help MuleSoft customers who desire a more cost effective approach. This includes Development or Managed Services.

MuleSoft Staffing: Visual Integrator can provide staff augmentation for MuleSoft customers, including staffing MuleSoft Architects, Developers, Admin’s, Project Managers, and more roles. Ask today, we're happy to help supplement your staff or even help with your Full Time Hiring needs. More... We also provide consulting services on: Enterprise and Solution Architecture, Security Design and Assessments, Portal Implementations, Performance Management, Testing Strategy and Implementation, Identity Management, and Infrastructure Design and Capacity Planning.