With Skuid and MuleSoft, companies can deliver highly usable business applications that unite data silos and enhance user experiences to drive business productivity — all without costly and lengthy development cycles.

As enterprise stacks diversify due to the proliferation cloud and on-premise systems, companies need to join their disparate data sources in meaningful ways to create useful applications. Access to the appropriate real-time data can help customers, partners, and employees get things done faster and smarter, while delightful user experiences make applications more useful and enjoyable for all. 

Skuid and MuleSoft solutions deliver powerful data connectivity with the front-end tools needed to transform that data into stunning, extraordinarily useful and delightful applications. MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform™ provides a leading application network platform for out-of-the-box connections to on-premise and cloud-based solutions, while the Skuid platform delivers a comprehensive front-end application development system to design, build, and deploy rich user experiences.

Company overview

Skuid is the leading no-code application platform designed for enterprise problem-solvers to create what they imagine. With Skuid, anyone can connect to disparate data sources, assemble highly complex, made-to-order applications, and instantly make changes — all without writing code. More than 5 million global users use Skuid to engage with each other, with data, and with new customers in meaningful ways. 


Financial services
Media and telecom


With Skuid, I’m definitely saving time. I’m not having to spend extra hours on learning a whole new language, learning how to develop,. It’s very intuitive, and the product is just amazing. I’m spending less time, but I’m still able to create this beautiful end product.

Natalee Yamasaki

The workflow enabled by Skuid is just very simple, so we haven’t needed much training. All three projects were truly amazing, what we were able to put out in such a short time. We saved thousands of lines of code. Without Skuid, we wouldn’t have been able to do all of that work in the same time frame.

Amanda Joslin