Nexright is a next generation IT services provider focused on harnessing disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Infrastructure and Security in an integrated manner to derive disproportionate business value.

Nexright offers an excellent degree of skills, IP and domain expertise across a set of focused areas which include Application Services, Cloud Product Engineering, Infrastructure Management, Security and Consulting Services. Unlike traditional IT Outsourcing providers, Nexright helps its customers leverage the power of IT for a 360° impact on the business.

Business drivers for our solutions range from increasing market share, enhancing customer engagement, driving innovation/differentiation, improving agility & efficiency of operations, reducing cost or standardising business processes, in a secure manner.

Our solutions offer the best of all worlds – skilled people and a rich portfolio of services delivered by leveraging the latest breed of solutions from our partners.

By combining application frameworks, prebuilt components, custom development expertise, we help organizations decrease risk in complex software development and deployment investments, improve time to market and increase success of business strategy execution.


  • Cloud Integration
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Cloud Service Broker
  • API Management
  • Data Governance and Compliance