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Infomentum Limited

Infomentum has a team of Certified MuleSoft Consultants that include developers and architects. The quality of people and close working relationships built with customers is central to the value we bring to a customer's transformation programme. The mission is to help customers use technology as an enabler, gain re-use of assets, automate processes, develop agility and increase productivity in the shortest timeframe.

Infomentum brings real-life practical implementation expertise to training customers. Through bespoke sessions and direct access to MuleSoft resources, Infomentum ensures a greater insight into the business problems and success of customers initiatives. Customer enablement is a key component to any successful programme and a principle theme through implementation is the continuation of knowledge transfer, training and embedding customer resources within the delivery team. 

To complement the continuous delivery phase Infomentum leverages various accelerators and a Continuous Integration Framework. This approach is a crucial differentiator to enable customers to get to market faster, reducing development effort and optimising the automation of development processes, from build and deployment through to continuous testing.

With MuleSoft acting as the glue to connect systems and optimise processes, the Infomentum team has a vast amount of experience in dealing with customer data. This is underpinned by a strong set of processes and governance that has been implemented through the ISO27001 Certification. It provides customers with the confidence that Infomentum is a trusted partner not only with expertise in MuleSoft, but also engages with a working culture and set of practices that deliver results in a secure and structured way.

Company overview

Infomentum uses technology to give businesses momentum through innovation, cultural change, and an improved digital user experience. We have a long history working with integration technologies and MuleSoft sits at the heart of what we do.


Financial services
Media and telecom