Hazelcast IMDG® has been a popular choice for MuleSoft users who need to cache data in an external in-memory cluster for increased performance and scale of their MuleSoft deployments. Hazelcast also offers an easy way to pass data or share state from one service to another. Separating data from the integration layer, while not compromising on functionality, prevents data overload. Hazelcast IMDG also provides the capability to monitor and alert on storage and use of data. As a compute grid, Hazelcast provides additional features to move data and compute intensive tasks out of MuleSoft to be executed on the Hazelcast cluster. 

Company overview

Headquartered in Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto, Hazelcast is a leading operational data management company that addresses the growing demand for enhanced application performance, data processing speed, and scalability.

Hazelcast has two products: Hazelcast IMDG® — an operational, in-memory computing platform. The platform enables enterprises to manage their data and distribute processing using in-memory storage and parallel execution — all in a quick and scalable manner. Hazelcast also offers Hazelcast Jet, the ultra fast, application embeddable, stream and batch processing engine.

32 of the Fortune Global 500 companies rely on Hazelcast, including four of the world’s ten largest banks, six of the world’s twenty largest eCommerce companies, and four of the world’s 20 largest telecommunications companies.