Grey Tower Identity provides Access Governance and related identity management services on the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform.


Grey Tower Identity

Greytower Identity addresses the problems caused by “legacy” Identity Suites that are simply not agile enough.  Our identity services are built on top of the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform so that the technical aspects of automating the business process could be achieved with a lower level of effort.  

This approach is meant to provide a means to deliver identity or access governance service anywhere (inside or outside the organization datacenter). Most Access governance services were not built to address the rapidly evolving needs of today’s businesses.  New emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, and Mobile BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) have brought with it the need for flexibility and scalability that can't be met with traditional methodologies. Grey Tower access governance suite is mean to provide a more  agile and lower cost provisioning and business process automation.

Company Overview

North America
Countries United States
Type Technology
Headquarters San Diego, CA
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