GLOMIDCO is a MuleSoft partner since early 2014 with a deep understanding and overall expertise of ICT integration. With knowledge of various integration platforms and products GLOMIDCO puts itself in the market as a fully independent company. GLOMIDCO sees great value in MuleSoft as a partner and as a platform to be able to help companies reach their integration goals.


GLOMIDCO is a young, dynamic and leading IT integration specialist with over thirteen years of experience in the fields of EAI, SOA, EDA, BPM, B2B and BAM. We are based in Utrecht and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. From here we deliver services and solutions based on knowledge, quality and always with an independent view. It’s our ambition to be a trusted company, and aligning business and IT for our customers is our main goal.
To achieve the above we work with a great team of enthusiastic and qualified consultants with an extreme level of commitment. We strive for a good and durable relationship with our clients and partners. By implementing smart solutions, we provide consulting, 24/7 support, hosting, education and product developement, such as mobile applications and custom components/connectors. 
It goes without saying that we are very proud of the fact that leading companies in various segments, such as postal, logistics, aviation and financial, are consequently choosing GLOMIDCO as an enabler for achieving their business goals.

Company Overview

Countries Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom
Type Reseller
Headquarters Netherlands
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