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Cisco Integration Platform accelerates the delivery of business outcomes by quickly connecting and automating processes that span on-premise and cloud based applications, data and infrastructure through a light weight service bus and end-to-end API management.

Cisco Integration Platform comprises two core products:

  • Cisco Integration Bus is a lightweight, open-standards-based integration platform
  • Cisco API Manager provides full API lifecycle management with governance and security

Faster Deployments

  • Over 120 prebuilt connectors, graphical design tools, and mixed-model deployment support to integrate any application or deploy a service as an API
  • Build-once, deploy-anywhere design
  • Java-based open standards allow 50 percent reduction in time to create and deploy integrations and APIs
  • Up to 50 percent gain in operational efficiency through automated tasks

Increased Agility

  • Rapidly adapt to emerging new business models while providing end-to-end visibility to key business processes
  • Gain scalability without complexity while integrating new systems, people, processes, data, and things
  • Build next-generation integration connectivity through multitenant, elastic, and self-provisioning platform, increasing cost competitiveness

Process Integration

  • Break down integration barriers, take control of business processes, and improve process efficiency
  • Take advantage of legacy and new apps, resulting in process simplification and automation
  • Use Cisco Integration Platform for process innovation with Internet of Everything (IoE) and mobility solutions

Flexible Deployment Models

Your company can consume this versatile solution in several ways:

  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS): Adopt this hosted middleware platform to seamlessly integrate resources across multiple clouds and between cloud and legacy apps in a hybrid-cloud model. IPaaS can be public or private:
    • Cisco Private iPaaS: This pre-engineered stack combines Cisco infrastructure and Cisco Integration Platform for rapid deployment as a private cloud.
    • Cisco Public iPaaS: This fully managed integration platform is supported by Cisco and allows you to take advantage of Cisco Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Intercloud capabilities.
  • Do-it-yourself model: This option allows you to deploy and manage the software in your environment.