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C3S Pte. Limited

C3S delivers high performance solutions for Mission Critical customers. From fault-tolerant, real-time and low-latency hardware to innovative Real-Time Analysis, Business Intelligence (BI) and Knowledge Management (KM) software, our integrated systems adhere to the highest standards for responsiveness and availability.

Founded in 2003, C3S is a Singapore registered company focusing on ICT products and solutions for High Availability, High Value Computing and High Knowledge applications. C3S focuses on niche solution using ICT as strategic tools. We design, develop and deliver high performance solutions with stringent requirements related to mission criticality, real-time, and low-latency.

Our solutions are based upon the needs of High Availability, High Value Computing and High Knowledge applications of:


  • High Availability ICT, refers to applications that require high reliability in computing continuity or high reliability in data integrity processing.
  • High Value ICT, refers to applications that are deployed in high value assets domain. The results of such application are highly valued in their respective segments.
  • High Knowledge Based solution refers to the high end of knowledge-based solution, the segment that covers knowledge engines, knowledge research and knowledge integration.

C3S was founded with the aim to provide high assurance and quality solutions to our customers. We are committed to understanding our customers' needs, providing them with quality services and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

We specialise in High Speed, High Reliability Solution and Infrastructure in the domain of Government, Security, FSI, and, Manufacturing & Utilities.


  • High-Speed, High-Reliability Solution and Infrastructure Design
  • Technology Consulting and Implementation
  • e-Government Consulting