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MuleSoft Announces Next Generation Open Source ESB

Mule 3 features Mule Cloud Connect, Dramatically Simplified Configuration and Advanced Hot Deployment Capabilities
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 15, 2010 MuleSoft, the open source provider of web middleware built on leading open source projects Mule ESB and Apache Tomcat, today announced general availability of Mule ESB 3.0, a major advance of the world’s most widely used open source enterprise service bus. This latest version of Mule represents the next generation of integration infrastructure software with Mule Cloud Connect, enabling developers to integrate enterprise data and applications seamlessly with today’s SaaS and cloud-based web applications.

“Since its introduction, Mule ESB’s simplicity and ease of use, combined with its power and flexibility, has driven massive adoption and a vibrant open source user community."

- Ross Mason, founder and CTO of MuleSoft

“In this major community release, we are extending the power of Mule ESB out from behind the firewall to enable seamless integration with the next generation of applications, including cloud, SaaS, mobile and dynamic browser-based web applications. In addition, we’ve taken feedback from the community to drive the next level of configuration simplicity with Mule.”

Mule ESB is a lightweight, powerful open source enterprise service bus (ESB) and integration platform that allows developers to quickly and easily connect applications together and in the cloud using SOA principles. With over 1.5 million downloads and a user community of over 2,500 enterprises, Mule is the world’s most widely-used open source ESB. Developers can easily integrate their applications, leveraging Mule’s broad support for protocol transports and application connectors, including HTTP, JMS, Web Services, JDBC, File/FTP, SAP, Salesforce.com, and over a hundred more.

Mule 3 has been architected with new features that include:

Mule Cloud Connect
Capabilities that enable developers to integrate enterprise data and applications seamlessly with SaaS and cloud-based web applications, including:

  • Cloud connectors – out-of-the-box connectors for popular cloud, SaaS, and Web 2.0 providers (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Salesforce.com, Facebook), as well as an easy way for users to create their own cloud connectors
  • Native REST support – allows users to publish and consume RESTful services easily and seamlessly using Mule
  • AJAX/JavaScript integration – enables developers to access enterprise data directly from a browser-based application without heavyweight server-side infrastructure

The next level of configuration simplicity

  • Flow-based configuration –a new powerful way of configuring Mule that simplifies the creation of message flows
  • Pattern-based configuration – out-of-the-box building blocks for common configuration patterns, drastically reducing the learning curve for new users.

Operational flexibility and uptime

  • New deployment model – provides an easy well-defined path for developers to work with Mule
  • Automatic hot deployment – reduces friction and provides immediate feedback during the development process, and enables dynamic application provisioning to running Mule servers
  • Service and application isolation – allows services to be changed at runtime without impacting other services
  • Dynamic endpoints – enables users to configure endpoint destinations at runtime based on message content and/or properties

The open source Mule ESB 3 is immediately available for download. For more information and download details, please visit: http://www.mulesoft.org.

Ross Mason, CTO of MuleSoft and founder of the open source Mule project, talks about Mule 3: www.mulesoft.org/mule-3-video-ross-mason

About MuleSoft

MuleSoft is the Web Middleware Company, providing enterprise-class software built on the world's most popular open source application infrastructure products, Mule ESB and Apache Tomcat. With Mule ESB and Tcat Server, MuleSoft brings an ideal combination of simplicity and power to today’s web applications. Its products boast more than 1.5 million downloads and over 2,500 production deployments by leading organizations such as Walmart.com, Nestlé, Honeywell and DHL, as well as 85 in the Global 500 and 5 of the world’s top 10 banks. MuleSoft is headquartered in San Francisco with offices worldwide.

For more information: http://www.MuleSoft.org, or email info@MuleSoft.com.

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Cara Porchia