Integration Solutions for Salesforce

Connect Salesforce to enterprise applications in the cloud or on-premises with Anypoint Platform. MuleSoft’s solutions for integrating Salesforce make it easy to incorporate CRM, ERP, and other application data to run your business with Salesforce.

Getting data into Salesforce: connecting CRM systems

Success with Salesforce is dependent on access to up-to-date data. MuleSoft makes it possible to consolidate, synchronize and migrate other CRM and file data into Salesforce. Tools like and CRM to CRM integration templates simplify the process of loading files and integrating multiple Salesforce instances — while also connecting to Siebel, MS Dynamics, and other leading CRM systems. Salesforce migration solution »


Unlock your back office applications

MuleSoft makes it easy to unlock your back office by integrating Salesforce with ERP and Finance applications in real time to provide a complete view of your customers and automate business processes across applications.

Engage customers

Customers expect to receive the right information at the right time, with a consistent experience across every touchpoint — even those representing multiple SaaS applications.

Build successful custom apps

To maximize the success of these mobile apps and run your business from any device, you need to connect your custom apps to key enterprise applications for a consistent view of customer data across CRM systems.