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Integrate JIRA with existing SaaS and on-premises applications quickly and easily using the Atlassian JIRA Connector from

The Atlassian JIRA Connector allows businesses to synchronize data and automate processes between JIRA and third party collaboration, mobile, social applications such as GitHub, Clarizen, Salesforce or

Connectivity with the latest, up-to-date JIRA REST API, gives users the ability to perform various operations, like tracking of issues and issue statistics, working with issues, comments, work logs, attachments, projects, user groups and other information, across third party applications.

The Atlassian JIRA Connector allows companies to extend the capabilities of JIRA and benefit from its integration with other internal and external systems. The connector support is guaranteed by, an Atlassian expert, who also provides further services related to Atlassian platform and tool set.

JIRA SOAP API is not available for JIRA 7 and above. Therefore, the usage of JIRA REST API (supported since JIRA 4.2.1) is highly recommended.

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