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Addition using a Javascript Transformer

Addition using a Javascript Transformer

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Shows how to parse an incoming JSON message and process it using the JavaScript transformer.


In this example, we send a JSON message containing two numbers to an HTTP endpoint. This Byte Array of data is transformed to a String. The JavaScript transformer then processes the data and adds up the numbers. The sum is then returned to the HTTP endpoint.

Set up and Run the Example

  1. Open this example project in studio and run it

  2. Use Postman, curl, or REST console to make a POST request using JSON. The message body should contain the following data:

    { "a": 3, "b": 4}

  3. If the project is running successfully you should get the following message on your studio console.

    INFO 2017-07-02 16:44:34,235 [[javascript-calculator].connector.http.mule.default.receiver.03] org.mule.api.processor.LoggerMessageProcessor: Sum is: 7.0


Read full documentation in GitHub

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Published onJun 22, 2017


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