Deliver a simplified digital banking experience

Deloitte’s Digital Bank solution can provide effective and efficient scaling without incurring exponential increases in cost. And, with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, we are able to extend the reach of the Digital Bank’s assets with APIs, allowing them to be shared, reused or resold as new revenue streams.

With Digital Bank, Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft are providing in-country, cross-border, person-to-person and business-to-business payment processing at a fraction of the current cost while significantly reducing the processing time. We have developed Digital Bank based on a micro services-based architecture, with a key component being the MuleSoft integration layer. To learn more about our alliance relationship, please download Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft Alliance Overview brochure or contact one of the members of the alliance team:  

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Outcomes for global banks

Enable faster time to market

Offer services at a lower cost

Enable high reuse of services to support speed and scale