Delivering agility for easy partner onboarding
ParcelPoint uses Anypoint Platform™ as the foundation for success - integrating systems across 1,500+ stores, 80+ retailers and all major carriers.

daily transactions supported


complex omni-channel systems


new partner onboarding

MuleSoft delivers agile scalability for complex partner onboarding and business expansion

ParcelPoint is focused on ‘making online shopping easy’ by providing end-to-end Click & Collect, Easy Returns and Failed Delivery solutions. They work with leading retailers and carriers to provide a more convenient way for customers to receive and return parcels. The ParcelPoint platform offers clients a range of benefits including easy e-commerce integration, in-store management, store based fulfillment, track and trace notifications and reporting.

For customers, the service is simple and straightforward, but behind the scenes there’s a complex interplay between ParcelPoint, the collection point network, couriers and retailers. Goods must be carefully documented throughout their journey to avoid losses and provide detailed tracking updates to the customer. To achieve this, ParcelPoint must integrate with the systems of an ever-growing number of partners up and down the supply chain.

In 2013, as the number of integrations was growing, Mehdi Fassaie, CEO and Co-Founder at ParcelPoint, decided to introduce Mule ESB. Mule ESB is an integration layer that works across technologies such as JMS, Web Services, JDBC and HTTP, enabling developers to connect applications together quickly and easily.

One year after deploying the platform, Fassaie estimates that ParcelPoint has completed integrations with over 20 different client and partner systems, each of which has its own methods and protocols. The company is also continuing to add another two-to-three unique integrations every month.

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Company profile

Sydney, Australia
E-commerce, Technology and Logistics


  • Need to integrate multiple new client or partner systems on a regular basis to maintain company growth
  • Unified presentation of tracking events across all systems, freight partners and stores


  • Smooth passage of data across retailers, carriers and in-store systems
  • Integration of systems and platforms across 1500+ stores, 80+ retailers and all major carriers using MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform

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