Senior web producer (full-time contractor)

Job description

The Senior Web Producer will manage the building of web pages on https://www.mulesoft.com via our content management system (CMS) in Drupal 9. This role will be responsible for taking on projects that require building pages with existing content types and components. This includes building new pages and updating existing ones. 

This role will work closely with Web Marketing, the Creative team, Content Marketing, Web Development and Digital Marketing on projects that will expand mindshare, drive organic traffic, increase website conversions, launch new products, promote events and expand localization. 

This role will also be a leader to the other web producers and will be asked to train and teach them to most effectively utilize our systems. 

Additionally this role will:

  • Manage large projects where many pages need to be built. 
  • Ensure that the published content is loaded properly and free from errors.
  • Work closely with our QA team to make sure pages are built to spec against copy docs, brand guidelines and SEO standards. 
  • Help evolve and utilize the web component library so our sites are built from robust, reusable building blocks
  • Follow guidelines that ensure our web properties are using SEO-optimized strategies 
  • Understand our web editorial guidelines and ensure our web content meets our style guides. 
  • Follow processes, documentation, and training to ensure cross-team alignment on project and content management workflows
  • Propose and implement improvements to content management workflows
  • Help build variations of pages for our Growth Marketing team so they can test, optimize, and integrate our web properties to ensure we are continually improving performance
  • Work with our Event teams to load content for our event sites. 

Senior Web Web Producer will work within our Web Marketing unit and report to the Senior Manager of Web Marketing. Will eventually lead a team of web producers as the unit grows. 

This role is responsible for:

  • Loading content in our CMS based on copy docs and design mocks
  • Page building
  • Growth marketing execution
  • Implementing and improving content management workflows
  • Assisting with A/B testing
  • Updating content
  • Updating and loading the content for our marquee event website, https://connect.mulesoft.com
  • Leading web content management
  • Working on web localization projects

Experience and skills

  • 5+ years experience content management experience in Drupal or Wordpress
  • 3+ years experience managing large websites
  • Experience working on a marketing teams
  • Experience leading functional teams on major initiatives
  • Ability to read and write HTML and CSS
  • Experience with A/B testing methodologies
  • Strong project management skills
  • Deadline driven
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken is a requirement

Send resume and list of URLs of sites you have worked on to: Victoria Gonzalez at: vgonzalezlage@mulesoft.com