People, Operations, and Finance

We’re charged with one of the company’s most important goals: Enabling scale at a rapid growth rate while maintaining our high performance and strong culture. Our teams build programs that empower employees to move fast and take ownership of their work. Whether it’s planning our annual company-wide meetup or building competitive equity programs, we work on complex problems and collaborate closely with every team to maximize the potential of our greatest asset—our employees.


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Meet the team

The people at MuleSoft are so incredibly talented, and I’ve been able to learn a lot from them. The energy and enthusiasm of the people I work with not only on my team, but cross functionally, make it fun to come to work everyday.

At MuleSoft, I can enable the growth of the company through thoughtful design, efficient operations, and using our resources effectively to drive growth. I love that my role keeps getting bigger, more involved, and intertwined with other groups here.

I’m constantly stretched and pushed to my limits, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In my 2+ years at MuleSoft, I’ve come farther than I ever thought possible, and I have this environment and the people here to thank for that.

MuleSoft is a perfect storm for me—I get to implement processes and learn new parts of the business all the time. There’s limitless growth for me here, and it’s exciting to know that my career can develop in ways that I don’t even see yet.

Just when you think you've reached a goal ... the bar is raised up a few notches! What I love about this is that it's allowed me to expand my role beyond just finance and work more closely with business partners to achieve our goals.

Our values

Eliminate friction

Building employee programs and processes means working seamlessly with every arm of the business. We’re maniacal about performance, and we make the tools that measure, manage, and reward performance easily accessible.

Be accessible

We aim to minimize the layers rolling up into executive staff. Taking advantage of the collective horsepower we have here necessitates being willing to help each other and never say, “That isn’t my job.”

Build an amazing culture

Hiring top performers is the number one job of everyone at the company, and for good reason—the A-players that join our team will naturally add the right stuff to our culture. Company and individual success will naturally follow.

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