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Interviewing at MuleSoft

You may have heard that we’re passionate about hiring, and that’s true—it’s our number one priority. But it’s not about bringing in just anyone to fuel our growing company. You can’t build an award-winning company without the best people. We seek to create a diverse team and take pride in our hiring process that focuses on candidate assessments that strive to be highly objective. We not only want to make sure that you have Muley DNA, but it’s equally important that what we have to offer aligns with your work style and career goals. 

What do we hire for?

Track record of achievement

We hire for trajectory, not altitude. Show us the major professional and personal accomplishments you’ve made in your academic and professional career.

Cognitive ability

Intellectual curiosity is integral to being a forward-thinking, disruptive company. Be analytical and logical. Find creative ways to solve problems.

Square peg, square hole

The right fit is a person who not only has the skillset, but also the excitement to work at a company of our size and pace of growth. Is this the job that gets you out of bed every morning, excited to come to work?

Good human

Everything we do is company first, team second, self last. Being humble, positive, and having a can-do attitude helps make MuleSoft a great place to work for everyone.

The interview process

The interview is a time for us both to learn as much as we can about each other. Our process takes about 2 to 6 weeks from start to finish, including a mix of virtual and onsite interviews, an exercise, and reference check. We have in-depth internal discussions between each step evaluating how the process is going for both parties before we move on to the next round.

  Virtual interviews

Your first official meeting with MuleSoft will be a ~30-minute virtual or phone interview with a member of our Talent team. Be prepared to tell us your story of how you found MuleSoft and walk us through your job history, giving us about two minutes per job: how you got it, why you took it, what you did, and why you moved on. It’s critical to provide concrete examples and how you believe you can fit the requirements of the role you applied for.
If this goes well, you’ll have another virtual interview with the hiring manager for the role. Job fit is important here as you’ll be reporting directly or indirectly to this person, so sell them on your do-what-it-takes attitude and enthusiasm for the role. If you're interviewing in EMEA, you'll likely skip this step and go straight to the onsite interview.

Protip: Review the job posting beforehand and use your resume to see how your past experience maps back to the job specifications. And make sure you have a working internet connection for those virtual meetings!


Every candidate performs an exercise, no matter the role or team, because we’re most excited and interested in seeing how you are “in action”. This is a hands-on skills-based assessment and an opportunity for you to show us that can be successful doing this kind of work. Depending on your hiring manager, the exercise may be take-home or an onsite presentation. Your recruiter will be clear with you from the start on what stage of the process you’ll be performing your exercise and what will be expected of you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what success looks like.

Protip: Exercises are designed for minimal preparation. Remember, we hire for trajectory, not altitude, so even if the exercise isn’t perfect, we’ll be looking closely on your thought process, how you arrived at your conclusion, and a do-what-it-takes attitude.

  Onsite interviews

Our favorite part is getting to meet you in person and show off our office space. This is really your opportunity to not only wow us, but also dig into the burning questions you have about MuleSoft. You’ll have one round of on-site interviews that are 45 minutes each with three different people you’ll work closely with in this role, including your potential manager. The focus of these interviews is deep on your background—we’ll ask for very detailed information on your past work, challenges, and successes. We’ll also want to know how you accomplished what you have, so walking us through your thought process and workstyle with specific examples and metrics is key.
If this round goes well, we’ll ask you in for one more round of interviews, this time with executives or leaders of the team you’ll be working on. It’s critical here to bring your questions and take advantage of the time to get to know the people and the business. Depending on where you and the executives are located, the final round of interviews may be a mix of virtual and onsite.

Protip: Be yourself! Our offices are business casual, emphasis on casual. Wear what you feel confident in, whether that’s jeans and a blazer or a suit and tie. Check out more specific information if you’re interviewing for Sales or Engineering roles.

  Reference checks

References are a critical step in our interview process, and we take them seriously. We see them as a chance to learn more about you from the people with whom you’ve done your best work so far. We’ll ask for a set of references who can speak to your working style and help your future manager best set you up for success if you join the team. We’ll want a broad picture of your past work, so provide references from past managers from your previous companies.

Protip: We understand that you want to be discreet when you’re interviewing for a new job, and we will ask for several references from different parts of your career. Make sure to plan ahead as there’s no replacement for solid references.


You made it to the final step! Your hiring manager will give you a verbal offer and then follow up with an electronic offer for you to sign. Ownership is important to us, and equity is a part of every offer.

Interview tips

Prepare metrics and detailed examples

We dig hard for a proven track record of extraordinary performance. We care more about what you’ve done than how well you interview, so take the time to go through all your past achievements and jot down specific examples and metrics you can share.

Sell yourself

You know your work better than anyone, so don’t be afraid to brag a little and really show us why you’d be an asset to the team and make a big impact here.

Be radically candid and bring your questions

This is as much about you as it is about us. Don’t be shy in asking anything you need to know that will help you make the decision to work with us.

How to prepare

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