Introduction to Mule

This free online course covers Mule fundamentals and provides an effective starting point for more in-depth training in the classroom or online. The objective of the course is to provide enterprise architects, developers, and anyone else who wants to learn about Mule ESB a straight-forward, comprehensive, low-tech introduction. The course walks students through basic Mule concepts, and concludes with a common integration scenario: building a content-based routing application using Anypoint Studio.

Course contents:

Mule Fundamentals

  1. Intro
  2. Mule apps
  3. Messages
  4. Building blocks
  5. Flows
  6. Scenario
  7. Endpoints
  8. Expression Filters
  9. Transformers
  10. Choice routers
  11. Payloads
  12. Loggers
  13. Further use-cases for content-based routing

Studio Demo

  1. Creating a new project
  2. Creating the flow
  3. Configuring elements
  4. Mule Expression language
  5. Testing the app
  6. Console