MuleSoft acquires ProgrammableWeb

MuleSoft has announced that it has acquired ProgrammableWeb. Founded in 2005, ProgrammableWeb was the pioneering authority on open APIs, with the world’s most active community of API developers and consumers. The company’s website serves as the world’s resource on APIs, with daily industry news, analysis, case studies, tools and technical resources.

We believe that APIs are the future of connectivity. By joining forces with ProgrammableWeb, MuleSoft is taking a significant step toward our vision of being the next generation platform for the New Enterprise. With ProgrammableWeb we now offer the world’s most complete solution for APIs, from creation to publishing, integration, API management and driving developer adoption and ecosystems for APIs.

APIhub from MuleSoft is the next generation publishing platform for APIs and already the world’s largest repository of APIs. With the addition of ProgrammableWeb’s authoritative voice and rich community, MuleSoft has become the world’s go-­to resource for APIs.

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John Musser

With MuleSoft’s and ProgrammableWeb’s combined expertise in APIs, we can do so much more to help developers to get the most from APIs."

- John Musser, founder of ProgrammableWeb

Adam Duvander

MuleSoft’s industry leadership, financial strength to invest in ProgrammableWeb’s growth and commitment to growing the API ecosystem make it the perfect home for us, and we’re ready to join forces to further evangelize the importance of APIs."

- Adam DuVander, executive editor of ProgrammableWeb

Greg Schott

APIs are the catalyst for a new era of hyperconnectivity, and our acquisition of ProgrammableWeb underscores our commitment to connect the New Enterprise."

- Greg Schott, president and CEO of MuleSoft

Press Releases

The acquisition of ProgrammableWeb furthers MuleSoft’s mission to revolutionize the way the world connects, extending the Anypoint Platform and creating the easiest and most complete way to connect any application, any data source and any API, across the entire cloud and on-premises continuum."